Fanpacks - Convenient and practical. Each pack contains 22sq ft of oak planks, tied off on one end for easy installation.

Tank Staves - These staves are compatible with stave boxes, stacking systems or any other custom configuration that is compatible with a 36” long stave.

Barrel Inserts - Consist of 14 barrel length staves assembled with polyurethane bands attached to the inside of a barrel.

Barrel Flow Sticks - a “through the bung” oak delivery system easily inserted and removed from any barrel, consisting of 45 toasted oak segments tied together in a food grade nylon sleeve with an eyelet to screw into any bung for easy attachment.

Bullets - Small oak segments with a defined surface ratio and minimal end grain packaged in 20lb flow thru bags.

Chips - The multifaceted winemakers tool packaged in 50lb bags. Available in standard #15, rice #7 and fine #3 grinds